D-ARIA stands for innovative industry 4.0 solutions for mobile data acquisition. 


With the unparalleled know-how combination of the founders IVISO and EFS Consulting in the areas of logistics, engineering and research, D-ARIA sees itself as a high-tech "Grown-Up".


IVISO is a specialist for algorithmic solutions for the environment detection and thus represents the development part of the D-ARIA solution. EFS Consulting has been established as the automotive consultant for more than 25 years and realizes the industrialization and marketing.


D-ARIA solution means: seamless, automated inventory processes as well as the inventory control in pallet rack warehouses with drones. The aim is to maximize data quality, whilst minimizing error-cost. D-ARIA develop the automated drone, which reports a high-accuracy image of the current warehouse occupancy within a short time. D-ARIA thus makes a valuable contribution to the supply chain management excellence of tomorrow.


D-ARIA brings its proven expertise to the Austria-wide marketing and distribution of the Community Distance Marker. The innovation for the digital support of social distancing was developed and produced by ESG Mobility.