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Why drones for mobile data acquisition?

make your data collection more efficient- save time and money and get a more precise outcome then ever before.

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We are an innovative enterprise to revolutionize stock-taking. Even thought we just started, we see us as a „grown-up“ company, because D-ARIA is a joint venture between IVISO and EFS Consulting – two established companies which provide the required capabilities and resources. We offer a solution that technically can perform a flying inventory and it is also allowed to do so through regulatory validation.

Indoor Navigation

The D-ARIA drone flies indoor without GPS, automatically. Using camera-based algorithms, the drone navigates in the aisles to create an inventory image.

Turnkey Solution

Plug & Fly - we do not need to adapt anything in the warehouse infrastructure for the stock-taking. Apart from a QR pad, which serves to initialize and align the drone, the warehouse infrastructure is not changed. Thanks to its built-in light source, the D-ARIA drone can detect and read barcodes in difficult lighting conditions and on a wide variety of surfaces.


All recorded data is processed, handed over in the desired format.

Sensor Integration

To capture all the data and the navigation Indoors, many sensors are integrated on the drone which in interaction, with the support of appropriate software deliver results on the current inventory in the warehouse.

In addition, sensors can provide additional information on temperature and humidity, packaging quality or count the individual elements on the pallet.

Image Recognition

When flying through a warehouse not only data is collected, but also visual impressions of the shelves and the goods stored thereon. As a result, we provide a picture of the actual warehouse occupancy which can be used for example for pattern recognition and inspection tasks.

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The drone is flying automatically, knows it’s route and captures during it’s flight not only the barcodes and localisation but also pictures of the pallets. It „scans“ aisle after aisle and therefore has a minimal impact on the ongoing operations in the warehouse.

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