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See for yourself how drones for inventory can save you time and money and be safer and more reliable than manual stock-taking.

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Inventory Today

Status Quo:

  • Manual stock-taking - Employees manually check the correct assignment of goods to their storage-locations inside the warehouse
  • Manual data handling - Results are compared manually with data from the warehouse management system


  • Slow - Manual stock-taking is slow and ineffective
  • Loss of material - Pallets are stored incorrectly and are therefore difficult to find
  • Wastefulness - 2 employees are required: a forklift driver and an employee who writes down the article number
  • Work safety - Working at great heights leads to frequent accidents
  • Error Rate - Human errors occur when entering the article numbers and transferring them to the WMS

D-ARIA Inventory

The future:

  • Automated stock-taking - Drones fly automatically inside the warehouse and check inventory levels
  • Automatic data matching - Automatic identification of target vs. actual deviations and initiation of corrective measures


  • Speed - Drones move fast, capture labels quickly and climb to great heights easily
  • Control - Precise monitoring of inventory levels and immediate identification of losses
  • Reliability - Always check your inventory with 100% reliability
  • Independence - Operate the drone outside of working hours and at night
  • Efficiency -Employees are assigned to meaningful tasks instead of inventory counting