Community Distance Marker

Digital Support for Social Distancing

Keeping distance and at the same time restarting economic, social and societal life - how can that work?


The Community Distance Marker is the solution when it comes to ensuring that the minimum distance is maintained in demarcated areas (indoor & outdoor). - To reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading, minimize the infection rate and for the safety of all employees, visitors, participants.


With the use of the Community Distance Marker, organizers and companies create the necessary framework conditions to get their business back to the "new normal" as quickly as possible.

Museums, amusement parks / zoos, production / office,
medical practices, public transport, schools, ....


Purchase / Long-term use


offer on individual request

Lectures, concerts, sport events,
street markets, festivals, fairs, ...


Rent as-a-service / one-time use


Individual offer
service flat rate and rental fee
as well as advice on prevention concepts if required

Four steps to suceed in social distancing

1. Hand-out

The Community Distance Marker is distributed anonymously in demarcated areas.

2. Use

Users move around the area equipped with the markers. The Community Distance Marker scans its surroundings with centimeter precision via UWB technology - if the minimum distance (1.5m*) is not maintained, a signal tone / vibration is triggered. Groups [e.g. families] can be synchronized. The minimum distance is maintained.

3. Return

At the end, the user returns the marker anonymously.

4. Evaluation & Monitoring

An anonymous evaluation of minimum distance underruns is provided as a dashboard.

DSGVO compliant: Distance monitoring without registration. [Contact tracing optional]
*The spatial distance and time of occurrence of the warning can be adapted to individual requirements.


  • Warning tone/ visual signal / vibration in case the distance is falling below the minimum distance of 1,5m (configurable)
  • Charging via Micro-USB-Port via regular 5V USB
  • CE conformity according to RED 2014/53/EU
  • Less than 2 hours of charging needed, Battery capacity for approximately 10 hours
  • current software update services
  • Not bigger than a key fob, dimensions 70x50x22mm
  • Easy to clean due to flat surface

Get more information on function, handling and features in our FAQ-video

Provided by D-ARIA
Produced by ESG Mobility

D-ARIA is exclusive distribution partner for Austria.

The Community Distance Marker is a product of ESG Mobility


ESG MOBILITY is a specialized solution provider for complex electronic and IT systems in trend topics that move the market. Whether software development and operation, connectivity solutions, E/EC complete vehicle development, data analytics, cyber security, system integration or testing - with our knowledge and experience, we provide our customers the necessary impulses, technical know-how, products and hands-on approach to jointly achieve the transfer into an intelligent mobility ecosystem.

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