D-ARIA stands for the automation of the inventory process as well as the inventory control in pallet rack warehouses in industry, trade and logistics service providers. We develop the automated drone, which reports a high-accuracy image of the current warehouse occupancy within a short time.


D-ARIA GmbH was founded in September 2018 after a year of intensive consideration of the technical feasibility and selection of a suitable platform. Despite the short history of the company, numerous activities have already taken place.



D-ARIA sees itself as a "Grown-Up" with the required capabilities and resources provided by the owners - IVISO and EFS. IVISO is a specialist for algorithmic solutions for the environment detection and thus represents the development part of the D-ARIA solution. EFS has been established as the automotive consultant for more than 25 years. The lean manufacturing method "Digital Kaizen" has led directly to the D-ARIA project. EFS realizes the industrialization and marketing of the solution D-ARIA.